April VanBuskirk-Rader, CMT, MLD-C, Reiki Master


As a graduate of the National Holistic Institute of Emeryville in 1998 I have been lucky enough to dedicate my last 20 years to a job that I love.  I am passionate about helping people improve their day to day life by reducing pain and stress.  Educating my clients in ways to maintain and improve their conditions is a fundamental part of my practice.  The more you understand your pain, the more control you have in your personal journey.

My mother had double sciatica from a work injury when I was 12.  With a 50/50 chance of successful surgery she was in constant high frequency pain and dependent on prescribed narcotics.  Granted 12 massage therapy sessions by a progressive doctor, she was able to walk without pain and get off narcotics by the end of the treatments.

This was truly inspiring to me.  By the time I graduated high school I knew I wanted to help people find a way to heal their pain issues in a holistic way when possible.  When I graduated NHI I started my path as a medical oriented massage therapist.  I feel so fortunate to have been able to dedicate my life to the care and health of others.